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Now You Can Get The Freshest Leads In The Merchant Cash Advance Business

Attention: Established ISOs and Direct Lenders

You don't need to spend all your time making cold calls from 9 to 8, wasting your resources on a long outdated method of client acquisition.

You don't need to waste your money on UCC lists that have been shopped out to hundreds of other brokers or lenders before you.

You don't need Live Transfers, Aged Data, or even Digital Marketing.

The "industry veterans" will all tell you to get on the dialer and start making the tough calls, but how many of those "industry veterans" do you see competing with the big boys like Ondeck in terms of the quality of paper and the deals they're bringing in?

Everyone in this industry has been confused about what a REAL lead is for quite a long time.

And we've decided to put an end to all that confusion.

A REAL lead is a merchant whom YOU KNOW needs the money AT THE RATES you're selling it at.

A REAL lead is a merchant whose statements you have already before you even call them and get them on the phone for the first time!

A REAL lead opted in to receive money from you. It's not some guy you chased down and cornered over the phone, trying to shove money down his throat (Lol)

Seriously, this industry is so screwed up.

And that's why we've created a 30 minute video presentation that shows you HOW TO GET THE FRESHEST LEADS IN THE BUSINESS through systems you can set up within your own company right now.

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